Shorin-Ryu Shido-Kan Karate-Do



Katsuya Miyahira                         Seikichi Iha

      Hanshi 10th Dan                      Hanshi 10th Dan  


             Okinawan Shorin-Ryu         Beikoku Shido-Kan Association

        Shido-Kan Association              (North American Branch)


Origin of the Name


Grandmaster Katsuya Miyahira explains the origins of the Name Shidokan this way.

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius, who has had a huge influence on his country's scholarship and thought,taught and popularized an ethical system concerned with building proper character in people. The widely read analects by Confucius has, from it's earliest publishing been highly respected and has had a profound influence on the spiritual thinking of the people in China, Japan, and elsewhere.

     Grandmaster Miyahira relates that he took the name SHIDO from chapter seven, verse six in Book Four of the twenty volume collection; which reads....

Determine in your heart to forever follow the Way.

Stay close to the sun of Virtue and do not stray.

Trust in the power of Benevolence for support.

Take pleasure from these abilities.

    The philosophy of this passage means "enjoy the abilities you develop in your training, but also use them as a means to percieve greater abilities, namely, benevolence. Benevolent kindness will be a rock you can lean on in difficult times; and virtue will protect you from the rain like an umbrella if you do not forget to keep it with you" and of course never, never stop practicing.

    Therefore, the meaning of SHIDO is that the physical discipline of practicing Karate builds character and is the starting point from which you can develop a higher form of kindness deep within your soul. And one must never give up trying to actualize this virtue and bring it into your life, right here and right now, to make you a person worthy of emulation.

    Thus, SHIDOKAN means the place dedicated to building a kind and benevolent character through the practice of Karate.


Seal of Beikoku (North American)

Shido-Kan Association


The colors of the bonds represent the obi(belt) of the highest degree which is the ultimate goal of students pursuing the Way of Karate.

The circle depicts harmony, cooperation, and friendship. These are the goals of the students pursuing the Way of Karate.

The measure means courtesy, and forbearance. These are the goals of the students pursuing the Way of Karate.

The four poles signify advancement. The goal is to become a respected person of character through the discipline of the Way of karate



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